Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman Review

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Imagine waking up at 3 am to a crying baby that is miserable and hungry, and you have nowhere to sit comfortably to soothe and feed your baby. No baby nursery is complete without a comfortable and welcoming glider and ottoman.

Any parent that has had one or more children will tell you that a glider is possibly one of the best investments you can make for your nursery. Visually, a glider will give your nursery a more sophisticated look; however, the comfort that you and your baby will enjoy is priceless.

Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman Review

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This stunning top of the range, affordable glider from Angel Line comes complete with matching ottoman. It has been on the market since 2016 and Angel Line decided to make the Windsor slightly narrower than the Monterey to allow for it to fit easily into smaller nurseries or rooms.

Who is this product for?

The Angel Line Windsor glider and ottoman is suitable for practically anyone that is looking for affordable comfort. Be it for your nursery, man cave or reading room, the Angel Line glider will not disappoint. What you might want to be careful of is children jumping on it as the springs may pop out leaving you with an uncomfortable chair. 

What’s included?

Your Angel Line glider and ottoman will arrive in a box semi-assembled. It is easy to assemble and depending on how handy you are, it should take between 15 and 45 minutes to assemble. In the box, you will find all the parts of the glider and ottoman ready for you to assemble. All the screws and everything you need to assemble your new glider and ottoman are included in the box.

Overview of features

Even though the Windsor has been designed to be narrower than the Monterey for those who have limited space, it still offers you generous seating. The arms of the glider are also padded for extra comfort. The padded armrests are a huge help when you are feeding your baby as it gives you added support for baby’s head and neck.

Possibly one the best features it has is the storage pockets that are conveniently situated on the armrests. You can use them to store magazines, books, or even a few small toys for baby. An extra cloth or bib within arms reach will always come in handy.

The Windsor glider and ottoman are both built with solid wooden frames making them strong, sturdy and long-lasting. The seat and armrests are padded and covered with 100% polyester which is a soft and welcoming material. The bearings are enclosed to give you a smooth gliding motion.

Another great feature is that the chair cushions are removable. Cleaning is a breeze as you remove the cushions and take them where you can clean them comfortably without having to lug the entire chair around. If the cushions become worn out they can easily be replaced with new ones. You only need to replace the cushions and not the entire chair.

How to get the most out of it

Using your Angel Line Windsor glider and ottoman set is simple. Once it arrives easily assemble it in approximately 15 – 45 minutes. Place it where you would like it to go and that’s it: sit and enjoy.

The enclosed bearings will give you a smooth rocking or gliding motion that both you and your baby will find comforting. If you bought the Windsor glider for your patio you will need to ensure that it is in a dry spot and protected from moisture and the elements. 

What We Like

  • Multiple color options
  • Affordable
  • Storage pockets

What We Don’t Like

  • Noise pollution
  • Thin seat cushion
  • Bare wood


As an affordable glider, the Angel Line glider chair and ottoman is great value for money. However, as with most things you get what you pay for. While it is comfortable, it is minimalistic. Yes, the storage pockets are great, and it is sturdy, but the cushions could be slightly thicker.

If you are on a budget it is a great choice; however, if you are willing to spend more to get more then you should take a look at the Babyletto Electronic Recliner and Swivel Glider. You will need to spend quite a bit more, but you will love the extras on the Babyletto such as a USB charging point.


The Angel Line Windsor glider is a traditional glider with a wide padded seat and storage pockets on the armrests. It comes complete with matching ottoman giving you even more value for money. It is visually appealing, and the very affordable price tag is a huge attraction.

The glider and ottoman set can be used in your nursery, on your patio or anywhere you need a glider that is comfortable and inviting. The removable cushions make it easy to keep clean, so it will stay looking as good as new. All in all, it is great value for money and a satisfactory investment.

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