Babyletto Hudson Crib Review

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Cribs might not seem like the most exciting part about taking care of your new baby, but they are obviously going to be a huge part of many moments of his early life.

From sleeping to changing and playing, there are many things that you will do at or near your baby’s crib.

In that case, you want to make sure that you choose an option that can stand up to all of this attention.

There are so many crib options on the market that it might be hard to choose which one is going to be the right choice for you.

So, in this Babyletto Hudson Crib review, we’re going to cover one of the most popular crib options for parents in detail.

This should help you find out more about this fantastic option so that you can decide if this crib will work out for your lifestyle.

Babyletto Hudson Crib Review

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The Babyletto Hudson Crib is a three-in-one convertible crib that blends the simple elegance of its design with the practicality of having a crib.

This crib is designed to be used as both a toddler bed and a daybed as your baby grows up.

Will this be a good fit for your family?

Who Is This Product For?

The Babyletto Hudson Crib is an excellent choice for parents who want a simple, classic crib that is going to be easy to use while also keeping their baby safe.

This is a good crib option for those who are willing to pay a little bit more to ensure both stability and safety from the crib.

It’s also perfect for those who want to get a crib that can be used beyond just the first few months of their child’s life.

This crib is not the best option for twins or multiples; it is not big enough to keep more than one baby inside, especially once they start getting bigger.

However, it can be a good option if you are to get each twin his own crib.

This crib is also not ideal for any parent who wants a convertible bed that can be transformed into a full-sized bed; it is not made to do this and is a bit too narrow for that.

What’s Included?

This three-in-one convertible crib from Babyletto includes the crib.

It also comes with the tools needed to replace the primary side rail with the reduced size side rail required to make this crib into a toddler bed later on.

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Overview of the Features

The Babyletto Three-in-One Convertible Crib is a crib that can be converted into both a toddler bed and a day bed with just a few simple changes.

That makes this unit an appealing choice for parents who want to be able to use it for longer than just a few months.

The mattress support shelf in this crib can be adjusted through a few different height settings, and the highest setting is a pleasant six-inch drop from the top.

This height is perfect for new mothers, particularly those who had C-sections.

It would help them to manage when they are first coming home with their new baby, and the height can then be adjusted as the child grows.

This convertible crib arrives packaged with lots of foam to prevent any damage, and the included instructions make it very easy for the crib to be put together.

Additionally, the included instructions also help to make converting the crib between different formats very simple.

This convertible crib is not a drop-side crib.

Why Three-in-One Might Be Better Than Five-in-One Cribs

Many parents feel that they should get the most bang for their buck when shopping for convertible cribs.

As such, they tend to choose the crib that can go through the most conversions and be made into a full-sized bed for their child past the toddler stages.

While it is great to plan for their future growth, there are other parts of your future to consider as well.

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Are you planning to have more children after the child who will use this crib starts to grow up?

If so, you might want to consider sticking to a three-in-one conversion crib rather than a five-in-one conversion crib.

The three-in-one will work for you long enough to get your toddler into a regular bed, and then you can convert this one back into a crib for your next child.

As most children are spaced out by a few years, this timeline could work very well to allow you to continue using the same reliable crib.

Plus, your growing children then get the chance to choose a bed that fits their taste, needs, and lifestyle, and you don’t have to feel trapped into using the convertible bed option from their childhood crib.

Of course, it’s up to you to decide how to do this, and you could always buy another crib for your next child.

Still, some parents like the idea of using the same crib for all the children, if possible, so you will want to consider this, as well.


  • Stunning design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable mattress height
  • Good instructions included


  • Some pre-drilled holes may need to be adjusted or cleaned out
  • Scratches easily


Evolur Aurora Five-in-One Convertible Crib

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If you want something that can be converted into a stylish full-sized bed, the Evolur Aurora Five-in-One Convertible Crib is a great choice.

This unit can make for a beautiful centerpiece in your child’s room as they grow older.

Graco Remi Four-in-One Convertible Crib and Changer

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Another cool option available are beds that also have changing tables and drawers, like the Graco Remi Four-in-One Convertible Crib and Changer.


That is the end of today’s Babyletto Hudson Crib Review.

Did you learn everything that you were hoping to about this awesome three-in-one crib?

This crib is a great choice for parents who want a crib that can be used as a toddler bed and offers an exceptional level of comfort and safety for their babies.

It is also a good choice when you want to be sure that you will be able to quickly assemble and then convert the crib; it is well made and includes high-quality instructions to follow.

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