Best Breast Pump Bags of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Has your bundle of joy already arrived? 

Or are you just thinking ahead and making preparations for the big day?

Either way, a functional bag for carrying all the baby gear is a must-have. 

These backpacks need to be reliable and sturdy while remaining stylish. 

So, we searched the market to find some of the best breast pump bags for your needs and preferences.

Best Breast Pump Bag Reviews

Comparison Chart

Breast Pump Bag Backpack – Cooler and Moistureproof Bag Double Layer for Mother Outdoor Working Backpack, Fit Most Size Breast Pump Large (Grey)
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Teamoy Breast Pump Bag Compatible for Spectra S1,S2, Medela and Cooler Bag, Breast Pump Storage Tote with Laptop Sleeve (Up to 14”) for Working Moms, Large Capacity and Multi-Function, Dandelion
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Breast Pump Bag with Cooler Pocket, Mini Pumping Bags with Pockets for Working Mom Cooler Tote Bag Built-in USB Charging Pot for Phone Mother Diaper Bags

1. MOMIGO Breast Pump Bag

A well-thought-out backpack can add a bit of flair to your attire. 

After all, stylish details are a necessity, and they can boost your confidence, as well. 

Thus, let’s take a closer look at the features of one such breast pump bag.

As it seems, the MOMIGO backpack is an elegant and eye-catching model. 

What’s more, this bag is available in five striking colors so that you can choose from black to pink and everything in between. 

Nonetheless, this is just the tip of the iceberg, so let’s dive deeper into the range of qualities of this breast pump bag.

Product Highlights

The MOMIGO breast pump carrier is a portable and lightweight model. 

You can carry it in your hands or by the shoulders. 

Either way, the essential baby gear will stay within reach at all times.

The shoulder straps are comfortable, and the back part of the backpack features a thick mat. 

In other words, there will be no strain on your back or shoulders.

Even so, the most prominent characteristic of this model is functional design. 

To be precise, the bag has two sections.

The top layer of the MOMIGO Breast Pump Bag resembles a classic backpack. 

You can use this area for dry objects, including the parts of the pump itself.

On the other hand, the bottom layer is the insulated part of the bag. 

An insulation fabric shields this area from the heat, and you can keep the milk cold for up to 15 hours. 

In total, the bottom part of this bag can hold up to six milk bottles.

Also, we should mention that the MOMIGO bag features water-resistant fabric, so if a bit of milk slips out of the bottle, you will be able to clean everything easily.

What to Like About It

The MOMIGO Breast Pump Bag offers a range of useful elements; thus, new moms will enjoy using this premium model. 

The best things about this bag are the separate top and bottom areas, as well as comfortable shoulder straps.

Also, we noticed that the zippers are of the highest quality. 

They should be more than ready to survive repeated use.

What Not to Like About It

The MOMIGO breast pump carrier comes with a few drawbacks, as well. 

For instance, the lack of available space could deter some moms from using this breast pump bag. 

In other words, many users would benefit from a couple more pockets and compartments.

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  • Double-layer system
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Bottle cooler capacity


  • Small capacity
  • Not many pockets
  • No laptop sleeves

2. TEAMOY Breast Pump Bag

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Even if the dandelion is not your favorite pattern, it will be hard to resist the beauty of the TEAMOY Breast Pump Bag.

Besides dandelion, this bag comes in six other patterns. 

In other words, an extensive portfolio of colors and designs is at your disposal.

Of course, the TEAMOY breast pump backpack offers a range of other benefits, as well. 

Thus, let’s cut straight to the chase and explore the characteristics of this bag in more detail.

Product Highlights

In essence, the TEAMOY Breast Pump Bag is a versatile and functional model. 

This backpack is compatible with popular breast pumps, such as Spectra.

Since it is made from high-quality material, the TEAMOY bag is capable of surviving a lot of wear and tear. 

One of the most prominent features of this bag comes in the form of the adjustable shoulder straps. 

What’s more, these extra-long straps are detachable.

Also, the TEAMOY Breast Pump Bag comes equipped with plenty of pockets and compartments. 

For example, you will have two pockets on the front, one in the back, and three inside pockets.

On top of that, this model features a padded laptop compartment. 

As a result, working moms can always have their 14’’ laptop by their side.

What to Like About It

The versatile nature of the TEAMOY breast pump carrier is one of its main features. 

By detaching the shoulder strap, you can turn this bag into a handheld purse.

Also, many moms will love the fact that this bag also provides space for a laptop or a notebook. 

On top of that, the number of available pockets is at a high level.

What Not to Like About It

Despite all of its super-cool features, the TEAMOY Breast Pump Bag comes with one significant downside. 

To be precise, this bag does not have a dedicated cooling area for the milk.

Unlike most other models on the market, the TEAMOY bag has an insulated compartment. 

At the same time, many users could complain about the size of this bag in the first place.

Spacious bags may be praiseworthy, but no one wants to carry around a bulky and oversized breast pump bag.

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  • Spacious
  • Cute-looking design
  • Inexpensive
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Padded laptop sleeve


  • No cooling area
  • Bulky and cumbersome

3. GOGOSO Mini Pump Backpack

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Unlike the previous models on this list, our next candidate for the prestigious title is not a full-sized backpack.

As the name suggests, the GOGOSO Mini Pump Backpack is compact and tiny. 

Nonetheless, this model oozes elegance and sophistication, besides offering decent functionality. 

Therefore, let’s see if there is more than meets the eye with this cute handbag or backpack from GOGOSO.

Product Highlights

The GOGOSO Mini Pump Backpack is flexible and versatile, and you can use it in two ways. 

To be precise, this model can turn into your classy handbag if you use only the handles. 

But if you add the straps, the GOGOSO bag turns into a lovely backpack.

By opening the two-way zipper, you will have access to the cooler pocket. 

This insulated area will keep the milk at the perfect temperature for hours on end.

At the upper level, the GOGOSO Mini Pump Backpack features a decent-sized central compartment. 

Yet, this area will hold only the essentials.

On top of that, an exterior anti-theft pocket will let you keep your phone or car keys at a safe spot. 

The pouch comes equipped with a sturdy metal zipper.

Last but not least, we should also mention the USB charging port that could be of use when charging your smartphone or tablet.

What to Like About It

The design of this miniature bag is, without a doubt, its best feature. 

Few breast pump bags in the market are as compact as the GOGOSO Mini Pump Backpack. 

Overall, this bag manages to blend style and comfort in an eye-catching manner.

The USB charging port is a beautiful detail, as well, but most users will be thrilled with the efficient cooler pocket in the bottom part of this bag.

What Not to Like About It

Unfortunately, the size of the GOGOSO Mini Pump Backpack is a double-edged sword. 

With its small capacity, this bag is not compatible with most breast pumps on the market. 

It can only accommodate small pumps and breast-milking equipment.

So, if you plan on using this bag as your go-to storage unit for a long-lasting trip, the capacity of the GOGOSO bag may cause problems.

51wiAFwhuUL. SL500


  • Top-level design
  • USB charging port
  • Strong metal zippers
  • Efficient cooler pocket
  • Anti-theft pocket


  • Small capacity
  • Not compatible with most pumps

Buyer’s Guide

Here are some of the important factors to consider when choosing a breast pump bag:

1. Ease of Use

Convenience and ease of use stand at the top of the list of features your new breast pump bag should have. 

After all, a functional bag can make your life so much easier.

If the bag allows easy access to all the pockets and compartments, you can reduce the baby-crying time and feed your little munchkin more effectively.

2. Durability

In most cases, you will not have time to place the bag on the floor carefully or to be as gentle as you may want to be. 

Babies are the priority, and the bags could suffer due to this fact.

For that reason, you must find a durable and reliable breast pump bag. 

Wear-resistant material is crucial for prolonged usage of a backpack. 

Luckily, the market is full of tried and tested models that can survive a lot of wear and tear.

3. Weight

The weight of a breast pump bag is also a factor you should take into consideration when buying a new backpack.

Once your family gets a new mouth to feed, you will be carrying around a lot of breast pump accessories. 

The weight of the baby gear can add up, putting a strain on your shoulders and back. 

Hence, try to find a lightweight breast pump bag. 

At the same time, make sure to find a backpack that can sustain a bit of extra weight, if need be.

4. Versatility

Modern breast pump bags come in all shapes and sizes, which spells good news for different profiles of mums. 

After all, the needs of a working mom may differ from the needs of a stay-at-home mom. 

So, it is vital to find a versatile breast pump bag.

What this means is that the backpack in question should offer a wide-ranging array of pockets and compartments. 

Also, one such bag should offer both the option of using handles as well as shoulder straps for different types of carrying.

5. Features

The modern-day breast pump bags are all about convenience and practicality. 

They can provide you with hassle-free access to the necessary breast pump accessories.

On top of that, these bags can provide users with an array of extra features, such as laptop pockets. 

Likewise, the best bags in the market come equipped with USB charging ports or with anti-theft pockets.

Make sure to check for these extra goodies before splashing the cash.

6. Price

In the end, we should mention the fact that breast pump bags can fit any budget. 

As with anything in life, the price of a model determines the quality you will receive. 

Of course, exceptions to this rule are always possible, so make sure to keep your eyes open.

In general, high-end bags could set you back hundreds of dollars. 

Yet, most moms will be able to find incredible models with a lower price tag.

Even though the number of available models can be overwhelming, take your time to do the research and secure the best possible deal.

Breast Pump Bag FAQs

1. What Is a Pump Bag?

As the name implies, pump bags are bags that can help you with carrying around all the components of a breast pump. 

In most cases, these bags also have an insulated area where you can keep the milk and protect it from bacteria.

Breast pump bags vary in size, and they can be handheld or have a classic backpack design.

2. What Should I Put in My Breast Pump Bag?

Even though the name breast pump bag indicates that you should only put the pump in the bag, this does not have to be the case. 

On the contrary, the best bags in the market are spacious, and they provide ample room for all the other baby gear.

In other words, your breast pump bag can act as safe storage for the milk. 

Yet, you can also put your phone inside, as well as wet wipes, napkins, and similar items.

3. Do I Need a Diaper Bag and a Breast Pump Bag?

Diaper bags and breast pump bags may seem similar, but they serve a different function altogether.

As a rule of thumb, diaper bags offer more space, and they come with loads of pockets and compartments. 

On the other hand, breast pump bags can help you stay organized and carry around all the breast pump accessories.

The answer to this question depends on your needs and preferences. 

Diaper bags are ideal for long-distance travel, while breast pump bags offer cold storage for milk.

4. How Do You Carry Breast Milk in a Diaper Bag?

Back in the day, moms didn’t have access to fancy insulated bags, so they had to improvise and adapt. 

We can now apply some of that accumulated knowledge as well.

For instance, you could put the breast milk in a couple of lunch bags. 

After that, place the milk in a diaper bag, but make sure to add an ice pack next to them. 

Also, we recommend labeling the milk containers to keep track of the expiration date.

5. How Long Can Milk Stay in an Insulated Bag?

As a rule of thumb, breast milk in an insulated bag can stay up to 24 hours. 

Of course, the container needs to be well-insulated with ice bags around it.

Temperature determines the duration of the freshness of the milk, so make sure to keep the breast milk in a cold area. 

For instance, freshly pumped milk could stay at room temperature for up to six hours.

Our Final Recommendation

The instinct to provide our babies with everything they may need is a natural human reaction. 

Babies need lots of breast milk, and breast pumps can help us extract liquid gold. 

It is also necessary to store the extracted milk and keep it cold for as long as possible.

With that, it seems that the versatile MOMIGO backpack is the best breast pump bag in the market. 

If you invest in buying this bag, you will be able to carry the milk with you in a hassle-free manner, and your bundle of joy will thank you for it!

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