Do I Need a Pregnancy Pillow

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There comes a time in every pregnancy when you need to give in and buy yourself a pregnancy pillow. You may have resisted for months and not wanted to ever purchase one for yourself, but the reality is that they’re comfortable and make pregnant life a lot easier, plus they’re not even that expensive to buy, so why wouldn’t you want a pregnancy pillow?

Despite what many other websites and articles might say, there is no exact time that every pregnant woman must go to the back of her attic or visit her local store to buy a pregnancy pillow; everyone is totally different as everyone experiences pregnancy differently. You may already have a pregnancy pillow from a previous baby, but you also may be a first-time mother which means you get to purchase a brand new pillow!

Pregnancy pillows are extremely popular when women get to the most uncomfortable stages of their pregnancy and that’s when they start to think about purchasing them. However, there are so many different types of pregnancy pillows and all different brands that you may never know which one to actually buy that is right for you

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What is a Pregnancy Pillow?

To keep it brief, a pregnancy pillow is a huge, body-sized pillow that helps to allow pregnant women to sleep when they’re feeling uncomfortable. It is very common for women to have countless sleepless night when they’re pregnant as they aren’t used to the big bump or they simply can’t find a relaxed position to actually sleep in.

While many women do use it during pregnancy, so many women keep it after and use it to help feed and put to sleep their baby. The pillow is made for comfort so not a lot of women want to let go of it when they have it. Since there are so many different models and designs you can buy, we’ll go into more detail later on, so you know exactly which one will suit you the best.

Different Types of Pillows

Rectangle Cut-Out – one of the most popular styles of pregnancy pillow is this type. It is a big, body-sized pillow in the shape of a rectangle with a cut-out hourglass shape in the middle. The point of it is for a pregnant woman to slot herself into the cut-out shape and have a wonderful night sleep with a soft pillow all around her. They also help women who tend to move a lot when they sleep as they can keep you comfortable in one position for longer.

V-Shaped – Slightly different to a typical pregnancy pillow, the V-shaped pillow is mainly used for pregnant women who are suffering from back or neck ache during the night time. You can place the V shape either upwards and downwards and put it in the most comfortable place for you; once you feel ready – you’ll fall asleep quicker than ever before.

Snuggle – This style is another great one for women who tend to move a lot in their sleep. It is just a very big rectangular pillow that you cuddle from (ideally) your left side. Having this pillow on your left-side will also mean you stay on that side and don’t move about during the night, which can be an issue for many women.

U-Shaped – One of the smallest pregnancy pillows you can get is the U shaped one. It is a simple U shape that is placed underneath your bump whenever you sleep sideways. It can be very uncomfortable for a woman to sleep with a bump when it isn’t big enough to touch the bed, and that’s where the U pillow comes in and saves the day. They are small but they’re very soft and can come in handy during the middle of your pregnancy.

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Signs You Need One

Since we’ve covered the different types of pillows you can buy, we now need to cover when you may need to go out shopping and purchase one for yourself. It is all down to personal preference though; some women can go their whole pregnancy without needing one whereas others might get one in their first trimester.

Your sleeping has become uncomfortable and you need something to improve it; this is always the best reason to get a pregnancy pillow.

You want a good night’s sleep since you won’t be getting one when the baby arrives; you will definitely need to start doing all you can now to have the best night’s sleep possible.

You hate going to sleep; sometimes this could be because you’re scared something dangerous will happen when you’re sleeping or perhaps you’re just not loving sleeping right now. A pregnancy pillow is sure to make things a little bit better and make the bed a happy place again.

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