How to Clean Dutailier Glider Cushions

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Once you have started to design your baby’s nursery, you mustn’t forget about providing a comfortable spot where you will be able to feed and settle your baby. When you are waking up every few hours for a couple of months, you will really appreciate a comfy rocking chair or baby glider and be very glad you included it in your plans.

There are two options to choose between: a traditional rocking chair or the new modern baby glider. The traditional rocking chair has been around for many years and is a welcome addition to any nursery. The rocking of the chair helps soothe the baby.

The new modern day version of the rocking chair is the baby glider. The baby glider is like a soft armchair; it’s super soft and full of cushions. The design makes you feel like you and your baby are floating away on a fluffy cloud. The matching stool is included to rest your tired feet. The glider moves with the same motion as a porch swing and glides back and forth along a fixed track.

Your glider will take a lot of wear and tear and see its fair share of spills, diaper accidents and spit ups. When your Dutailier glider cushions become dirty there is a way to clean them.

To keep your cushions clean and bacteria free they should be cleaned regularly. Some of the new glider options have a built-in feature that lets the cushion be removed; this makes them very easy to clean. Some of the older models don’t have removable cushions. If your cushions can’t be removed then you can use this tutorial to help keep them clean and looking great.

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What will you Need

To clean your Dutailier glider cushions you will need the following items.

  • A vacuum cleaner with cleaning attachments
  • Steam cleaner
  • Baby wipes
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • With a clean cloth
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Spray bottle


1.  Use your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the entire glider. If your vacuum cleaner has attachments use them to make sure that you don’t miss corners or folds. This will remove any dust or crumbs that might have accumulated.

2.  Use baby wipes to wipe down the Dutailier glider cushions. This method keeps your cushions clean and the liquid evaporates quickly, leaving the cushions dry and smelling great.

3.  Remove the stains – to remove any stains on your Dutailier glider cushion you can create your own stain removing solution.

Mix 1 part of dishwashing liquid with 2 parts of hydrogen peroxide and put into a spray bottle. (Don’t shake the mixture too much)

4.  Use this mixture to spray the stains. Let this moisture sit on the stain for at least 5 – 10 minutes, so that the stain can dissolve. Use a damp cloth to clean down the area and the stain should disappear. If the stain hasn’t disappeared, repeat the steps until you get your desired result.

5.  Steam clean – to make sure that your Dutailier cushions are completely cleaned and hygienic. You should steam clean them using a steam cleaner. This will remove any dirt or deep-seated grim and sanitize the fabric so that it looks as good as new.

6.  Dry cleaning – although dry cleaning can be expensive, we suggest having your dutailer glider cushions professionally cleaned at least every few months. Dry cleaning agents use the finest cleaning processes by using different chemical solvents to deep clean your glider cushions and leave them looking as good as new. We advise getting your dutailer glider cushions professionally cleaned at least every 6 months to ensure proper sanitation for you and your baby.

How to clean dutailier glider cushions 2

Alternative cleaning solution

If you are unsure about using hydrogen peroxide to make your stain remover you can also use stain removers that you can purchase. Before you use a stain remover you should test the solution on a small area of the cushion to make sure the mixture does not cause any discoloration.

Make sure the ingredients don’t contain any bleaching agents as this can cause damage to your Dutailier glider cushions. Once you are sure it is safe to use spray the glider with the solution, then continue to follow the recommended steps.

Prevent stains before they happen

To make sure that your Dutailier glider cushions stay clean if you spill something we recommend wiping down the area with a paper towel as soon as the spill happens. Dampen the area first. We do not recommend putting the cleaning agent directly onto the spill. Use the homemade or dealer recommended solution and dab the area with a clean white cloth. Rub lightly from the middle of the area outwards. Then use a cloth to wipe off any remaining solution and dry the area with a hairdryer.

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