How to Make a Baby Comfortable in Crib

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This means that the crib will evolve and grow together with your child. The crib comes with an attached changing table with three spacious drawers.

The changing table includes a waterproof vinyl change pad to make changing your baby as easy as possible.

The changing supplies and diapers can be stored in the drawers. When your baby starts to grow into a bigger child, you can easily convert the crib into a toddler bed. The crib comes with a toddler bed rail. This amazing sleeping system changes as the needs of your child change.

The mattress can be set to three different heights making it very easy for you to have access to your baby; there is no need to strain yourself when you pick up your baby from the crib. As the child grows, you can easily adjust the mattress height for your comfort and the comfort of your child.

The crib is very easy to put together and all the parts are marked clearly for your convenience. The wood is very sturdy and the product is very well made.

Now that you have the perfect crib for your little angel here are some clever tricks and tips to help make your baby comfortable in their crib.

Make the bed smaller

Newborn babies are used to being in your womb, which was a very warm, narrow environment where they felt safe. The big open crib can be a very scary place for a newborn baby. You can make your baby feel safer and more secure by rolling up blankets and sheets in a circle to make the space seem smaller.

Make sure that the blankets are secured so they don’t fall on your baby and be sure to remove the blankets once your little one is fast asleep.  Some babies like to fall asleep with a soft cloth near their head as it brings them comfort. Make sure that once your baby is asleep you remove everything from the crib for safety’s sake.

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Comforting smell

Your smell can be very comforting to a baby. Put a shirt you have worn that has your smell on it in the crib with the baby as part of the smaller bed you have created. For safety make sure to remove everything from the crib as soon as your baby is asleep.

Perfect temperature

Your baby is used to a very small and warm space. Place a warm water bottle in the crib for a while before you put your baby in the crib. Remove the water bottle before you put your baby in the crib and make sure that the temperature in the crib is nice and not too hot or too cold.

Baby sleeping bags

Baby sleeping bags are wearable blankets that keep your baby at a controlled temperature while they are sleeping. These bags also make it much easier to change your baby’s diaper without having to wake them up. The sleeping bag will also prevent your child’s arms and legs from being trapped in the slats of the cot.

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Swaddle your baby

If your baby is a newborn or only a few months old you can swaddle them. Swaddling your baby helps your baby feel safe, warm and comfortable in their crib. To swaddle your baby you will need to lay your baby on their back in the middle at the top of the blanket. Next, fold and tuck the corner of the right side of the blanket over your baby’s chest and right arm.

Then take the longer left side corner and pull tight over the chest and the left arm. The final steps of the process are to take the bottom left and right corners of the blanket and fold them over and around your baby’s chest then tuck them into the back.

Once your baby grows and can roll over in their crib, swaddling your child will no longer work; it may even be dangerous if the child rolls over and can’t reposition themselves.

Stay near your baby when you place them in the crib. Get a comfy chair and sit next to your baby’s crib for a while. Hum or sing to them and let them feel your presence. Stroke their feet or hands and reassure them you are still right there and not going anywhere.

As your child becomes more used to his crib you will be able to start moving your chair further away from the crib. Sit closer to the door and eventually out in the hallway. Your baby will feel you are still there even with their eyes closed. This will mean more uninterrupted sleep for you and for them.

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