How to Recover a Glider Rocker Without Sewing

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So you have fallen in love with a glider you saw at a second-hand store but the thought of sitting in another baby’s vomit or messes fills you with dread. Do you have zero sewing skills, but you really want to recover your glider rocker? Then this tutorial will be perfect for you.


Once you have bought the glider that you would like to recover you will need to choose a fabric that you would like to recover the glider in.

How to recover a glider rocker without sewing 1

WHAT YOU WILL NEED              

  • A glider in need of recovering
  • Enough material of your choice to recover your glider (measure your cushions to make sure that you have enough material)
  • Velcro Brand Fabric Fusion Tape – get at least 5 meters in a similar color to the fabric you have chosen.
  • To make your pillow you will need more upholstery fabric in a matching color of your choice.


1.  Remove all the cushions from the glider and clean the frame very well. Check that the frame is in good condition.

2.  Remove the fabric from the cushions that you removed. Place each cushion on top of the fabric. Make sure that you have enough fabric to wrap the cushions and add a fold. Cut to size.

3.  Wrap the cushions like you would wrap a birthday gift. Make sure that the seams are on the back or bottom of the cushions. Pull the fabric tight and make sure it is smooth as you go.

4.  Cut sections of the Velcro brand fabric fusion tape. Make sure it is long enough to form a seam of the material.

5.  Open the Velcro so that you have one piece on each side of the seam.

6.  Place on the floor and iron using a thin cloth in between the iron and the fabric.

7.  Press down and hold the iron on the Velcro for 90 seconds or until the edges of the Velcro can no longer be separated with your fingers. Make sure that you iron each individual piece and make sure that the pieces are secure.

8.  Once the Velcro is secured, line up the tabs and wrap your cushion.


If you don’t want to use Velcro it is possible to make a removable zip-off cover.

How to recover a glider rocker without sewing 2


  • Fabric glue
  • Hem tape
  • Canvas fabric
  • Muslin fabric
  • A zipper that fits
  • Iron
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


1.  The first step is to hem the edges of the canvas and muslin fabric using hem tape.

2.  Putting in a zipper can sometimes be tricky. Start by assembling the cushion cover with the zipper.

3.  Use the fabric glue and attach the muslin cloth to the top of the zipper. Makes sure that you don’t get any glue on the zipper.

4.  Attach the canvas to the other side of the zipper

5.  Next using the fabric glue, glue together the other 3 sides. Make sure that the glue is spread evenly so there are no openings or creases in the seam of your cushion.

6.  Lay your zipper so that the zipper faces up. Squeeze a small thin line of glue down one side of the zipper.

7.  Place the cushion cover on top of the glued side of the supper.

8.  Press it down and hold it down. When the glue oozes out you will need to wipe away the excess glue.

9.  Now do the same thing with the other side of the zipper.

10.  Make sure that you pay very careful attention to the zipper. Only place glues up to the metal bars on the zipper. If you go up too high the zipper will be glued shut and will not operate effectively. Place something heavy on top of the zipper and allow it to dry.

11.  Once the cushion cover is completed, you will be able to stuff them with the cushion and simply zip the cushion closed.

This option is perfect for your glider as your baby can be very messy and the cushions might need to be cleaned quite regularly. By being able to simply zip the cover off it will make it much easier to clean in the future.

This method might not be as durable as sewing the cushion, but considering how simple it was to make and how nice it looks in the nursery I’m sure that you will agree that this is a great way to recover your glider without sewing.

Once you have tried this easy-to-follow tutorial, you will want to make covers in every color to complement the theme of your nursery. You can use the same tutorial to make these for great baby shower gifts. Simply buy cushions or recover cushions that you already have.

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