How to Stop a Rocker Recliner from Rocking

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Rocker recliners are made for rocking and most of the time people purchase them so that they can have a rocking chair within their house.

While this is all well and good, there are times in which you want to use your rocking recliner for other things, or simply you want to stop it rocking for a while.

This may sound unfamiliar to some people, and others might not even think that it is possible. However, it is very common for people to have a rocking recliner for a few years and then want to change it so that it becomes another normal piece of furniture.

How to Stop a Rocker Recliner from Rocking 1

Perhaps you have bought the chair as a piece of nursery furniture and your baby is now older and you no longer need it, or maybe you just would rather have it in another part of the house which would not suit a rocking chair.

Rocking recliners are very personal, and people often start to get annoyed at how much they rock. This is exactly why we’ve created this short article. We’ll speak about the best way to stop your recliner from rocking as well as providing a step-by-step guide for those who want to do it themselves and save some money.

What is a Rocker Recliner?

Rocker recliners are one of the oldest nursing favorites of mothers and parents that have young babies and children. They’re often bought during late pregnancy and used for the first year or so; however after this time ends and the rocking chair is no longer needed as part of a nursery you may want to keep the chair but stop its rocking mechanism.

This is a lot more popular than you may think. The recliner is different to a rocking recliner; depending on the manufacturer and model of the rocking recliner, the definition changes. While some have various angles which you can recline on, there are some that aren’t as adjustable.

The primary reason parents use rocker recliners is to feed and rock their baby to sleep while it is young. Mothers will often use the chair during the later stages of pregnancy as it starts the baby off with the feeling and notion of the chair, so when they’re born they are relaxed and feel calm whenever they feel this motion. Parents have found that having a rocking recliner really does make the whole feeding and sleeping process a lot easier than they thought it would be.

How to Stop a Rocker Recliner from Rocking 2

Step-By-Step Guide to Stop it Rocking

While you can get a professional to stop the rocking for you and pay them money, there is an easy way you can stop the chair from rocking yourself. We’ve put it in a simple step-by-step guide that will make the whole process a lot easier and stop your recliner from rocking in no time.

The hinges of the recliner are what allows it to rock; this is why you have to use a wedge between the frame of the hinges and the frame of the chair, meaning the chair can become stable and constant. If you don’t do this successfully or you do it slightly wrong then you will end up with a wobbly recliner that doesn’t lock properly but isn’t still either. If your chair isn’t completely still then you may have to repeat certain steps in the guide to ensure it is completely stable and ready to become a new piece of furniture in your house.

1.  Start by measuring the height between the bottom of the chair frame; measure right up to the top of the hinged box (we recommend using a tape measure). You may need to get someone to help you so you can get an accurate reading as it can be tricky finding the exact reading. You should measure the length of the frame box from the left to the right in order to get the best reading.

2.  Get a piece of thick hardwood and cut it to measure the length and height measured. Wood is the best material for this and it should be around 1 inch thick if you want to mount it easily. Be careful when you’re cutting the wood and ensure you use the correct tools and tool desk.

3.  Using a drill, create a hole through the top of the woodblock you have just cut to size; this should be around ½ inch from the end (we recommend using a 1/8-inch drill bit).

4.  Use your new wedge to block between the chair’s frame and the box; this will stop the recliner from rocking. Check you have inserted it properly by pushing the recliner backward and ensuring it is stable and secure.

5.  After you have ensured the recliner is now secure and still, you can screw in the block of wood with a screwdriver. Simply screw in 2-inch wood screws and the block should stay put.

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