Nursery Glider Tips & Advice

How to clean dutailier glider cushions

How to Clean Dutailier Glider Cushions

To keep your cushions clean and bacteria free they should be cleaned regularly. Some of the new glider options have a built-in feature that lets the cushion be removed; this makes them very easy to clean. Some of the older models don’t have removable cushions. If your cushions can’t be removed then you can use this tutorial to help keep them clean and looking great.

How to recover a glider rocker without sewing

How to Recover a Glider Rocker Without Sewing

So you have fallen in love with a glider you saw at a second-hand store but the thought of sitting in another baby’s vomit or messes fills you with dread. Do you have zero sewing skills, but you really want to recover your glider rocker? Then this tutorial will be perfect for you.

Once you have bought the glider that you would like to recover you will need to choose a fabric that you would like to recover the glider in.

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