SOMEK Cornetto Breast Pump Review

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If you have recently given birth and you are preparing to return to work and your baby is getting ready to go to daycare, you will find that this is an overwhelming and very hard part of the journey of motherhood. The emotional toll that it takes on you can be both draining and tiring.

You will worry about every small detail and cross your t’s and dot your i’s many more times than necessary. You worry about how your baby will adjust to daycare and worry that he or she will survive been away from you for an entire day.

Let me tell you that your baby will be fine and that the transition is harder on you than on your baby. Having a trustworthy breast pump is a must at this stage if you are breastfeeding.


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The single electric breast pump from Somek comes highly recommended. Somek loves the breast pump as much as the users do and have backed it up with a 30-day money back guarantee as well as a 24-month warranty. Somek has paid great attention to detail and all materials are FDA approved and BPA free.

Who is this product for?

This single electric breast pump from Somek is for all the moms out there that are transitioning from a stay at home mom to going back to work and need a reliable breast pump to dispense milk for feeds when they are not around. Some moms prefer to use the double breast pump and purchase the single pump as a backup or take with them when traveling.

Overview of features

The Somek single electric breast pump is manufactured using only FDA-approved and BPA-free materials. The breast pump parts are made using edible food-grade silicon. It operates on a closed system with a backflow protector that prevents airflow between the expressed milk and the pump tubing keeping the tubing dry while pumping. The pump can be disassembled entirely for cleaning, so you can easily keep the breast pump clean and hygienic.

The Somek Cornetto breast pump has nine suction settings that help to mimic the baby’s sucking. It can also massage your breast to help you have better lactation. The display is large and can be read easily. It operates very quietly so you can express milk sitting in the nursery while the baby is sleeping without disturbing him or her.

The following settings are recommended. Levels 1-3 for moms that have just given birth, levels 3-6 if you can lactate naturally every day, and levels 7-9 if your breasts are overfill and painful; this setting will help relieve the pain.

Another great feature is that it has a built-in rechargeable battery which you can recharge using the USB cable that is included. You can purchase a power adapter separately. The built-in battery requires approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to charge fully. On a full charge, the battery will give you about 90 minutes of pumping time.

How to get the most out of it

The Somek Cornetto single electric breast pump is easy to use and comes with a detailed instruction booklet. It is important to read the instruction booklet before using your new breast pump for the first time. In simple terms, you connect the pump to the bottle that is to be filled and then onto the breast.

You can start off with massage mode which will help improve lactation. After that, you will choose your suction level and then sit back and relax while your milk is expressed. Once you are done, disassemble the unit and clean it thoroughly

What We Like

  • Extremely mobile
  • Mimics baby’s sucking action
  • Closed system

What We Don’t Like

  • One size of “flange” – breast shield – only
  • Can’t customize pressure, set modes only


Some moms prefer a double breast pump. If you are one of these moms, the Spectra Baby USA – S1 Plus Premier Electric Breast Pump comes highly recommended. It comes with all the bells and whistles and is everything that you could possibly want in a double electric breast pump. It also comes with a hefty price tag that makes it unaffordable if you are shopping on a budget.


The Somek Cornetto single electric breast pump is of the best breast pumps available on the market today. It is well designed and conforms to all the standard regulations regarding materials used and it all comes at an affordable price. When traveling it is compact enough to fit in your diaper bag and to take along for the ride. Whether you are purchasing it for everyday use or as a backup unit, you will not be disappointed.

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