When to Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow

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The question on so many pregnant women’s minds is when they can start using a pregnancy pillow. Being pregnant can be an amazing experience, but it is also very tiring, and it can often be hard to get comfortable.

Having a good pregnancy pillow can be the solution to so many of your pregnancy problems and can make your whole experience of being pregnant a lot better.

Often you don’t realize how hard and effortful being pregnant is before you start to really feel the effects of it; however, having some good tools and pieces of equipment can make things go a lot more smoothly and your experience can completely change.

We’ve put together this short guide all about pregnancy pillows and when you should start using them. Obviously, it is all down to personal preference, but it has been shown that there are certain times that women prefer to start using them, and when they make life more comfortable.

When to Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow 1

What is a Pregnancy Pillow?

There are so many different pregnancy pillows out there to see and buy for yourself, but generally, they’re giant cushions designed especially for pregnant women who need some extra comfort. While you can get pregnancy pillows that are full-body size, there are often ones that are purely for your head or tummy too; the idea is to ensure that the mom-to-be gets as much sleep as possible before the baby arrives.

They’re often shaped like a normal rectangle where the middle is cut out in an hourglass shape to fit a body nicely into it. Pregnant women can’t lay on their stomachs but lying on their side can also be difficult. Therefore, the pillow is designed to generally make your sleeping experience better. There are some pregnancy pillows that are shaped like a ‘V’ and these can often go under your arm or head, or you can get full-size ones to support your lower body too.

It is advised that pregnant women change their pregnancy pillow depending on how big their bump is; as the bump gets bigger during pregnancy it is only natural for the pillow to be bigger and more comfortable. This is why many women wait until they’re further on in their pregnancy to invest in a bigger pillow, so they aren’t wasting countless amounts of money on various different pillows throughout their trimesters.

When Shall I Use It?

This is again very personal to whoever is buying the pregnancy pillow. While some people choose to use it during the first few weeks or their pregnancy, others may only use it towards the end. The pillow is for comfort, and therefore you should always make sure that you’re comfortable in bed or when you’re sat down; if you’re not then it may be time for that pillow.

On average, women start using pregnancy pillows regularly in bed or other comfortable places from around 20 weeks. This isn’t the same for everyone, but this may help to give you an indication of when you can use it yourself.

Your comfort is the most important thing when you’re purchasing and using a pregnancy pillow, so never let anyone tell you that you’re using it too late or early in your pregnancy as it is totally up to you.

When to Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow 2

How Much Do They Cost?

As there are hundreds of different models and brands to choose from, the price point for the pillows can change drastically depending on where you buy them from. Despite women saying that branded pillows are better, you can often get non-branded alternatives that are just as comfortable (if not more!) The non-brands can start as little as $20 whereas if you go for a bigger model with a branded name they can be as much as $200.

You must remember that your comfort throughout your pregnancy is very important, but you don’t always have to spend hundreds of dollars to achieve that comfort. We would advise you to go to the store somewhere and check out the different brands of pillows and then decide which one would suit you the most. You can either buy it then and there or choose to find it online later.

Although many women don’t see the point in using a pregnancy pillow, we feel it’s very important. You have to look after your bump as there is a baby growing inside of it and it needs to be cared for too; having a good, comfortable pregnancy pillow may be able to do this.​

If you’re unsure of whether to buy and spend good money on a pillow during your pregnancy, then we would say wait and see how it goes. If you begin to feel uncomfortable while you sleep then you definitely should think about purchasing one; however, there are some women who never need one at all.

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