Leachco Snoogle Body Pillow Review

snoogle body pillow review
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Quick Overview





  • Soft to the touch
  • Easily adjustable
  • Machine washable
  • Relieves joint pain
  • Supportive


  • Inside pillow is fragile and may rip

Pregnancy can be one of the most amazing transitions in women's lives.

For nine months, the body undergoes many changes to incubate and grow a child.

While this can be an exciting time, it can also be scary if you don't have the proper body support.

Being able to keep your body relaxed and supported is essential to having a healthy pregnancy.

One of the best ways to keep your whole body supported is by using a full body pillow.

In this Snoogle Body Pillow review, we’re going to give you a close look at this product from Leachco to see if it stands up to all of the hype.

Snoogle Body Pillow

The Snoogle Body Pillow is professionally designed to help support the natural contour of a pregnant mom’s body.

It is ideally suited for either sleeping or just relaxing around the house.

As such, it is perfect for lounging in front of the TV or when you’re reading a book.

It’s a unique C-shape pillow that allows you to support multiple parts of your body at the same time, including your tummy, back, and legs.

The design has been created by registered nurses and moms, which is how you know it’s going to be a practical and useful pregnancy pillow.

Who Is This Product For?

We find that the Snoogle Body Pillow is perfect for women who are just starting to develop a belly.

If you find that you often wake up in the middle of the night due to aches and pain, then you'll likely benefit from having the Snoogle beside you on your bed.

This is because its C-shape design helps to take the stress off of your joints and keep your body relaxed.

Although, it’s not just limited to pregnant soon-to-be moms.

The Snoogle Body Pillow can also be used by people who suffer from back pain, body aches, or are recovering from an injury.

What's Included?

The Snoogle Body Pillow comes with a beautiful ivory pillowcase made of a polyester and cotton blend.

Its measurements are 60 x 27 x six inches, and it weighs approximately 5.5 pounds.

One of the key benefits of the pillow is that the exterior polyester cover is completely removable and machine-washable.

Plus, you have multiple color options aside from ivory, such as black or pink.

Overview of the Features

This pillow is an example of a patented design developed by medical professionals and moms.

Here's a quick Snoogle Body Pillow review:

  • C-Shaped Body

The Snoogle delivers some much-needed support to different areas of the body.

These areas include the hips, back, neck, and tummy.

Overall, the Snoogle can replace the need for multiple pillows.

  • Patented Design

This pillow is professionally developed to help promote a restful night's sleep and provide pain relief.

The design was made by a team of registered nurses who are familiar with the discomfort that comes with pregnancy.

In addition, they also consulted moms who have been through the experience.

  • Stay-Cool Technology

This pillow provides you with all the comfort of a regular pillow minus the overheating.

The polyester fabric is exceptionally breathable and keeps you cool throughout the night.

Although, it does still contain a bit of cotton.

Either way, it’s perfectly breathable and prevents a build-up of heat while you’re lying down.

  • Sham-Style Cover

Each Snoogle comes with one removable cover.

This pillow cover is machine-washable, allowing you to keep the fabric clean and fresh.

No need to worry about lingering odors or bacteria.

  • Flexible Design

The soft interior allows you to adjust the pillow to your body easily.

This works perfectly for pregnant women of any size or shape.

What’s even more remarkable is that the flexible design allows for both back and side sleepers to use this pillow.

How to Get the Most out of It

Aside from reading Snoogle Body Pillow reviews such as this one, it's also essential that you know how to use this body pillow properly.

If you're not used to sleeping on your side, then the Snoogle may not work for you.

Many times, we see moms having a hard time finding a comfortable sleeping position.

To safely ensure that you're fully supported while you sleep, we suggest tucking the top part of the pillow under your head.

We also recommend looping the lower end of the pillow between your legs.

In doing this, the pillow will give you full support and take the pressure off of your knees.


If you think that this product won't be able to meet your expectations, you can always look for an alternative.

One good option is the Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow.

This U-shaped maternity body pillow provides support for your whole body.

As mentioned previously, the C-shape design may be challenging to use for back sleepers.

The Queen Rose pillow is a good alternative for those people.

Here's an overview of the product:

  • Ergonomic Design

The unique U shape of this pillow helps support your body and allows you to sleep throughout the night.

It contours to the natural shape of the body and is a suitable size for every woman.

  • Pain Relief

The pillow has been adequately designed to help relieve pain that usually comes during a pregnant woman’s third trimester.

It can also help reduce body aches associated with fibromyalgia, congestion, and sciatica.

  • Multi-Purpose Design 

This body pillow replaces the need for standard pillows and allows you to use it in multiple positions.

It is suitable for several activities besides sleeping, such as for lounging, watching TV, or anytime you require extra support.

  • Machine-Washable Cover

The cover is made using 100% soft velvet and boasts long-lasting durability.

When the cover gets dirty, you can simply unzip it and put it into the washing machine.


Being pregnant can be a confusing time, as there are so many products and suggestions being thrown at you.

One of the last things you need to worry about is getting a good night's rest.

With the Snoogle Body Pillow, you'll be able to alleviate any tension in your body and keep it adequately supported.

Plus, the Snoogle is useful for more than just sleeping.

You can use it when you’re lounging around the house to keep your body feeling relaxed and comfortable throughout the day.

Overall, this Snoogle Body Pillow review shows that this product from Leachco is well worth the investment.

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