Medela Swing Breast Pump Review

medela swing breast pump review
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Quick Overview






  • Affordable
  • Works great as the regular Medela pump
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Good customer support
  • Works with battery and direct current


  • Accessories are expensive to replace
  • Milk and vapor quickly enters the duct
  • Suction’s not highly efficient
  • Batteries not included

The Medela Swing Single Electric Breast Pump helps nursing mothers collect and store breast milk for their babies to feed on even if they’re away. 

That way, moms can free up their schedule to do other things without worrying about their little one’s food supply, especially mothers with typically tight schedules.

It is a top-quality breast pump you should consider buying if you are thinking of alternative methods to feed your baby. 

This Medela Swing Breast Pump review describes some great features of the product and how you would benefit from it.

Medela Swing Breast Pump Review

The Medela Swing Single Electric Breast Pump helps nursing mothers manage their schedules more effectively by easing the time requirement for breastfeeding a baby.

Medela is a research-based company with its headquarters in Switzerland.

It focuses on producing breastfeeding and healthcare products, mainly aimed at nursing mothers.

Many doctors regard Medela as a leading breast pump brand worldwide, and it has several business locations in four countries.

This particular single electric breast pump is lightweight and reliable to use on the go, and all its parts that come into contact with the breast are free of BPA.

Who Is It For?

The device is excellent for nursing mothers whose commitments may prevent them from breastfeeding their babies on time. 

It’s also for mothers who leave their babies in others’ care for extended periods but also want their little ones to feed on their (human) milk.

Couples who like taking turns to feed their baby will also find that this electric breast pump works reliably well. 

Others who may consider using this device could be parents of adopted children who prefer feeding human breastmilk (donor milk) to their babies.

If sleep deprivation from breastfeeding your newborn is an issue for you, we suggest you get one of these pumps and use it. 

That way, others can help you take care of your infant while you get some sleep time.

Also, if you’ve got severe milk supply issues to the extent that there’s hardly enough to fill your child, consider purchasing this single electric breast pump.  

It can help you save loads of milk, so you can easily augment your natural supply.

We have to add, though, that learning to take good care of your breast pumps is highly crucial for them to serve you well in the long run.

What’s in the Package?

  • A motor unit
  • One PersonalFit 24mm breast shield
  • A breast shield connector (pump body)
  • One valve
  • Two membranes
  • A tubing
  • Two 5oz. (150 mL) breast milk bottles
  • Two bottle lids
  • One bottle stand
  • A shoulder or neck strap
  • An AC adapter
  • A drawstring bag
  • A breastfeeding information guide
  • An instructional manual

Overview of the Features

With a minimum weight recommendation of one pound and maximum weight recommendation of 96 pounds, the things you'd expect from this breast pump include:

  • Portability

The device weighs two pounds and measures 9.8 x 3.4 x 9.6 inches.

Not only is it compact and lightweight, but it’s also affordable, high-quality, dependable, and efficient at pumping milk from the breast. 

It offers women an excellent occasional-use solution for pumping while feeling relaxed.

The compact build means you can use it anywhere: at home, work, or when you travel.

Also, since the unit has a lightweight motor that fits easily into small containers like a purse, backpack, or tote bag, it is easy to carry around.

  • Patented Technology

The engineers at Medela have learned through research that a baby’s breastfeeding has two distinct phases: the stimulation phase and the expression phase. 

Thus, they kept this knowledge in mind while designing the Medela Single Electric Breast Pump.

Their patented Two-Phase Expression Technology, which mimics a baby’s natural rhythm, allows you to pump more milk in less time. 

It also gives people confidence that the device will serve its purpose well.

  • Ease of Use

Since it’s an electric breast pump, you get the added advantage of not having to use your hand or feet to pump breastmilk like when you are using a manual breast pump

Also, the design of this breast pump works with a power adapter and four lithium batteries to let you operate the pump in places where you don’t have immediate access to electricity.

Also, it’s got controls that are quite easy to use for choosing the most convenient settings for you. 

Additionally, it comes with a drawstring bag that keeps you organized between pump sessions.

How to Use it

Assembling and using the Medela Single Electric Breast Pump is quite straightforward. 

The best way to learn how it works is by watching a detailed YouTube video guide like the one below:


After going through the Medela Swing Breast Pump review, we can say that it's a great product, but it does have limitations that could give other brands an edge. 

Looking at a wide range of other options available, we see that this breast pump by Medela is a lot more expensive than others with similar functions.

The Medela breast pump costs nearly twice as much as others like the iApoy Electric Double Breast Pump

Not only is this alternative a double breast pump that is rechargeable through USB, but it also costs about half as much as the Medela Single Electric Breast Pump.

However, non-USB compatibility and price shouldn’t imply that the Medela Single Electric Breast Pump is too expensive. 

There are similar products that cost three times more. 

A good example is Elvie Pump, which sells for nearly three times more.


Other brands possess qualities different than Medela’s electric breast pump, and some come with extras not included in the Medela pack. 

Nonetheless, the Medela Swing Single Electric Breast Pump is genuinely one of the leading brands for products related to mom and baby. 

For product quality, its price is acceptable.

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